Teambuilding: How to Build Successful Teams


i. Workshop Outline

The workshop is designed to equip participants with basic tools for successful team building. It will address the following topics:

  • The features of successful teams;
  • The benefits of building successful teams;
  • Characteristics of Successful Teams
  • Tools and strategies for effective team building, including elicitation of team values;
  • How to write a mission statement based on team values;
  • Goals, Actions and Accountability;
  • Tools and strategies for effective communication;
  • Tools and strategies for delivering effective feedback;
  • Tools and strategies for offering acknowledgement;
  • Guidelines for leaders;
  • Contributing to your teams on a daily basis.

ii. Timetable of Sessions

This workshop is one day in duration, separated into five topics.

Duration Title
45 mins 1. What is team building?
15 mins 2. The benefits of building successful teams
3 hours 3. How to Build Successful Teams
1.5 hours 4. Effective Communication; Feedback and acknowledgement
1 hour 5. Guidelines for Leaders
30 mins 6. Contributing to your teams on a daily basis

iii. Format

This workshop is designed by Pam Rigden, the drafter having over ten years’ experience in the presentation, facilitation and design of workshops, seminars and learning programs. The workshop and proposed ongoing learning initiatives are based on principles outlined in:

  • Principles, tools and strategies of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). The drafter has certifications in both NLP and Master Practitioner of NLP and
  • Susi Strang’s ‘NLP Trainer’s Training Certification’ which focuses on heightening learning through interactive methodology.

Overall, this workshop follows the ‘4-mat system’ of:

(i)          defining the principle (what);

(ii)         how it is important to participants (why);

(iii)        clear and demonstrated tools and  strategies (how); and

(iv)        participants’ interaction and questioning (what if).

This workshop is highly interactive and contains relatively few PowerPoint (instances where PowerPoint is used are noted throughout these notes).

Careful consideration was given to the amount of handouts that will be distributed to participants, given environmental considerations. Key concepts and tools are outlined in handouts, for ease of reference for participants both during the workshop and for their ongoing development.

iv. References



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v. Key

The trainer’s notes contain a detailed outline of the content and format of this workshop. The workshop consists of examples/stories, handouts, activities and tools/strategies designed to fulfill individual learning needs of the participants.






NB The Trainer’s Notes for this 1 Day Team Building Workshop will be available for sale in September.

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