Session 6: Time, Money and Energy. How do you spend yours?

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Time is a limited commodity for each of us. We have only 24 hours in a day, 168 hours in a week, 8760 hours in a year. If you were to assume that you were going to live to be 100 there would be 876,000 hours from your moment of birth to your death! That is well under a million hours in a lifetime. (You will need to live to be 114 to clock up your million hours on this planet).

And, with each and every minute, we are choosing how to spend our time. By saying yes to one activity, we are, by definition, saying no to another.

Many of us – and most of your clients – would like to be able to squeeze more hours out of a day. We study time management strategies and creative scheduling techniques. We try to figure out how to do two things at once.

There is a story about a man who wanted to live more fully and become more sensitive to the passage of time. He went around town and bought thousands of marbles. Each marble represented a day. When he had collected enough marbles to more than last for the rest of his life, he put them in a large glass container. Each evening he would take out one of the marbles and throw it as far as he could out into his garden. There were days when he would look at his marble and think how beautiful it was, and did not want to throw it away. Precisely.

The point is, how do you want to spend your time? How do you spend your time now? A useful exercise is to track all of your time for one week to see how you are spending your time.

By engaging with this online programme, you have voted to devote time to personal and professional growth, learning, community and enjoyment. There are many ways you could spend your time; in fact we suspect you could generate a long list of alternative activities. What values are you voting for by engaging with this training?


Coaching Tips


  • How do you use your time?
  • How could you eliminate or reduce the time pressure you feel?
  • How do your choices about how to spend time refl ect your highest values?
  • What have you learned about yourself with regarding to spending time?
  • Do you often find yourself rushing around? What is the cost of that behaviour?
  • How much time do you have left? (1 year = 8760 hours)
  • How do you want to spend it?

Your Life in Hours

Age Hours
60 525,600
65 569,400
70 613,200
75 657,000
80 700,800
85 744,600
90 788,400
95 832,200
100 876,000

And remember the clock is running right now.


With each pound/dollar/ruble/franc you are making a choice. Spending money is a political act as much or even more so than casting your vote on election day. Every time you purchase a product or a service you are helping an individual or a corporation stay in business. Your ‘vote’ says that you want that product or service to exist in the world.

For example, you have paid for this training. Your choice suggests that you want experiences like this one to be available to you. It also suggests that you want coaching to exist in the world. You want Bringing NLP to Life to continue to offer classes. You want us to be able to keep teaching. These may not have been your thoughts when you signed up for the training, but these are just some of the results of the choice you have made.

Most of us have yes to and no to decisions to make about how we spend our money. How do your expenditures reflect your values? Do you choose to contribute to causes that are important to you?

Do you purchase products that are well designed or that function well even if they are more expensive than a product of lesser quality? Do you spend money to insure your safety or to establish your social position?

As a coach, you can help your clients increase their awareness of how they spend their financial resources. First of course, it will be important to estimate how are you with money? How much of your time and energy are you willing to trade for money, and how can you spend money in a way that is aligned with your values.

Money is one area that we are unlikely to talk about in social situations. As a coach, you may want to ask permission before exploring financial issues with a client.

Coaching Tips

  • How do you want to spend your money?
  • How will you decide that a product or service is worth what you spend on it?
  • What are your criteria for selecting this _____________ (product or service)?
  • How much is enough?
  • How do you make choices about how to spend your money?


How are you choosing to spend your energy? What do you want in your life? What are your highest values?

Is peace of mind important to you? How often do you do what it takes so that you cultivate peace of mind? Is connection a high value of yours? How often do you choose to connect with other human beings?

Think of spending thoughts in the same way that you spend money? If you spend your thoughts or actions on something, you are choosing to have more of that in your life. What mental environments are you creating with your thoughts? Do you focus on peacefulness, contentment, love or gratefulness? Do you spend thoughts on worry, hatred or anger? This is a costly expenditure of your energy.

You are living with your thoughts all the time. Notice the internal dialogues that you most often have. Do you sort for a worst case scenario? Creativity can be a drawback if that is your inclination. You can live much of your life in a horror movie, complete with special effects. Or you can choose to spend your energy creating positive states of mind. In his book, The Art of Happiness, the Dali Lama suggests that we ask the question “Does it lead to happiness?” whenever we consider a thought or action. When we are happy we are more inclined to be generous and loving with others, so by tending our thoughts and creating our own happiness, we are serving the greater good as well.

As a coach, you will be helping your clients to cultivate positive states of mind. What thoughts will serve them as they undertake a task or invest in a relationship? How might they be limiting their choices by holding certain thoughts? What would be available if they changed their thoughts on a topic?


Coaching Tips

  • How are you thinking about this problem? What other perspective could you take?
  • How are you indulging in “self-created suffering” with this train of thought?
  • What different story could you create about this situation?
  • How could you think of this as fun or easy?
  • How could your thoughts serve you in this circumstance?
  • How could you lighten up on yourself?



Please ensure that you have read Pages 47 – 50 and have listened to the MP3 recording before completing the following exercise. Please then post your completed work in the Comment box at the bottom of this page. We recommend that you complete your work in a Word Document so that you have your own copy. Thank you!

Exercise 1

List your five top values in the left column. Each evening, review the day and record how you have chosen to spend your time, money and energy. In the last column, make notes about the effect of that investment. Are your choices aligned with, do they support your values?



  1. Values Family, Fun Career Health/Fitness Friends

    Mon, Ate all meals together as a family, worked all day and meeting after work, Saw friends at work

    Tues, Ate all meals together as a family, took son to scouts, worked all day and saw friends at work, did some housework.

    Wed. Ate all meals together as a family, had a scout meeting and chatted for an hour with scout colleagues. Worked all day.

    Thurs. spent time with son doing homework and watching T.V. Worked all day. a friend came round at night and chatted for about 4 hours.

    Fri. shopped after work, ate our meals together as a family. Watched a movie together. Had some wine with husband and relaxed.

    Sat. Had a nice day in town with son. Did some housework. Rang family. Had a take away with wine and a movie with family.

    Sun. Did homework with son and then went for a walk. Ate a nice lunch together. Did some art (2 hours).

    I think that my week is centered around eating together as a family (I am very strict about this and really enjoy it). Working during the week and doing family things at the week end. I think my life is fairly balanced although I would like to have more time to spend with friends or just do my own thing.

    I spent my day at my nephew’s birthday party.
    The money I spent went towards his gifts and to my brother so I feel it was well spent.
    The energy was used on running around with the little ones.
    Yes, spending time, money and energy on family is always worth it.
    I have just received a call to attend an interview; the job has a large list of documents and applications to complete before the said interview.
    To access all these documents I first had to ensure I had gotten internet connection, I secondly need to buy ink for the printer and lastly buy paper.
    These sort of applications are tedious and do take time to ensure they are done properly.
    Whether or not I get the job the experience will still be invaluable so yes it was worth it.
    I have recently started a beginner’s type of fitness programme. It takes up at least an hour of each day.
    Most of the information is available free online but the equipment is not and is rather expensive.
    It is very tiring and extensive.
    The intial cost and pain will be worth it in the end because I will become more tolerant to the pain, become fitter and will thereby get a lot of uses out of the equipment if I stick to the plan.
    This course is where I have been doing most of my learning recently. It takes varying lengths of time to complete assignments.
    It wasn’t that expensive to purchase the course as I got a discounted voucher.
    It is also not too wearisome as the material is interesting but does take concentration.
    Yes it is worth it at the end, even if I never professionally fall into this career.

  3. Session 6: Time, Money and Energy; how do you spend yours?
    Values Time Money Energy Payoff

    family 1 hour on skype Broadband pay monthly Not much energy involved Was worth it
    spirituality 1 hour in church Small contribution Walk 15 min to church Was worth it
    loyalty 1.5 hours on the phone with my partner Phone on Pay monthly contract relaxing Was worth it
    positivity Walk for one hours to enhance my mood free About 300 kcal burned! Was worth it
    Knowledge constant curiosity Browse amazon for 20min looking for one book 14.00 Not much energy involved Was worth it

  4. Education
    Alone time
    Value, time, money, energy and was it worth it.

    This week I didn’t get to stick to all areas of my schedule as I had no car or means of instant transport. I therefore missed my exercise appointments among others, reading, shopping, helping a work colleague, romance with partner and visiting family and friends. which resulted in more time to devote at home. I my spent time on various social media sites, cooked dinner every evening, general housework, clothes washing and planted a new flower, spent too much time on the phone talking and texting, watched TV and movies. was it worth it?

    I felt I didn’t achieve much last week in terms of value and I feel that I could have utilised my time better. I will definitely reconsider the amount of my time during the week spent on the phone as well as texting. I plan to limit myself to no calls after 9:00pm weekdays and text messages after 10:30pm to allow my self time to read the books I have chosen. Although its not all bad, I did manage to get a lot done in terms of practical house things and I enjoyed that aspect. I will also limit my time of social media use as I don’t feel its valuable enough, unless its necessary and will benefit in some way immediate.

  5. 6.1
    values ,,work ,family, health, fun, studie
    i found by doing the chart and logging how i spent my time it revealed so much, as how much time i wasted on tv, f/b watching mindless tv, so i applied my time better i am really disciplined so i do yoga every day at 6 and meditate, but to get to the yoga mat could easily interfered with as i would look on line whilst having a coffee, then get lost and rush it only applying 30 minutes, and rather than it set me up i would be rushing the process and creating stress, so there was a waste of time and energy, then how much time was wasted at work i i was there 10 hours but a lot of time was lost in idle talking ,procrastinating again i challenged my day and always got the things i wanted to do less, done first then managed my time allowing more effective working practice , creating more money ,and time to do thing i truly enjoyed, also from an energy point of view i was much more solution based ,and felt more positive and less overwhelmed, and family time was so much more rewarding and different rather than flopping in front of tv we done things together bonded more and had fun, although i would turn up at all the things i set out to do, it was how i did them that made all the diffrence ,and before making a log i was unaware,

  6. Peace,
    time alone
    doing right by others
    Tue=-Lunch out with girls and was overcharged on lunch didn’t say anything , so didnt feel very peaceful

    Tai Chi watching tv
    Bed early
    Organized tckt

    I had my peace in the park and later on that night also.
    I respected myself and the other person by attending
    Had my time alone also

    Well spent time , and money and energy
    I had my peace in the park
    Yes it was worth it
    I didn’t respected myself by putting up with bad behaviour later on that night
    Did right by attending

    Lots of running around ,
    Some peace due to awareness
    Yes it was worth it
    I respected myself by being present
    Tried to stay and help at work

    Tai chi
    Time , energy and money in tune today
    Some peace due to awareness
    Yes it was worth it
    I respected myself by being present

    i feel I am getting better at using my time ,and energy wisely./ Not so sure about money . I can be disciplined about money but then waste it by not being organized and spending it foolishly. The days I feel I was more aligned with my values were the days I was doing exercise , particularly exercise outdoors. This is when I feel I have spent my time and energy wisely. This also supports my values of peace and time alone , and also my value of loyalty but doing what I have committed to doing . I feel it’s a balancing act

  7. Values – Family , Happiness, health , love, respect
    Reflecting on my week – having spent 3 days away in our touring caravan which was good value, quality time with my husband, cooking in one of the evenings and having fun out socialising in the local town , enjoying restaurant food and a change of scenery from our own local eating places at home.. So it felt like a bit of an adventure, which was good fun..
    Talking the dogs for long walks through out the week bring a sense of time out , creating healthy head space and an opportunity to problem solve or plan ahead If needed..
    Going to the gym daily I love and enjoy as it offers stimulation, challenge and again an opportunity to socialise , chat to regaular gym buddies , or switch off on your own – mindfully working my body out .. This I believe meets all my values, along with value for time, money, energy & payoff..
    Teaching yoga the other 4 days after returning form being away – offers balance , enjoyment , supporting others develop and continue their yoga journey – this includes a kids yoga practice 6-11yrs which I so enjoy as it helps bring a sense of calm, confidence & mindfulness to busy kids living In busy worlds..
    Speaking with my kids on face time & what’s app – keeps are strong connection alive from both ends which in invaluable
    Phoning my elderly parents regularly , popping round to see them , offer ongoing support , love & payoff
    Meeting up with friends at the weekend – having fun and socialing in safe happy company continues to be good for the soul …
    Rest & sleep – I love going to be early and rising early .which I feel is a super use of time – recharging and resting the body & mind for the day ahead offering much gratitude for all my blessings in my life right now
    Attending a business development meeting re Care Protect launching in jan16 once all the training and formalities are in situ .. Excites me – earning more money, good use of my time, energy and hopefully pay off for others…
    This was an interesting exercise – looking & reflecting on what makes a day , a week in you life.. Recognising its ever changing .. Looking forward to what will unfold

  8. Value Time Money Energy Payoff

    Love/friendship Called my mum – Thinking that I Yes! Will
    Visited my friend don’t spend enough need to do
    time/money on them! this more!

    Learning Did a module of Paid for a workshop Feeling excited this is all
    a Photoshop course and interested in positive!
    Joined Webinars what I am learning

    Fun Yoga Pay c/c I am
    Connecting with for the holiday Get enjoyment lucky I get
    friends I just had! time/
    Found & signed money to
    up to a dance do this!
    class for next week
    Kind Took my partner Paid for meal Thinking that I would Yes – all
    for a meal like to do more of this positive

    Health Yoga Buy healthy foods Some nights I Yes – your
    Keep a food dairy Purchase organic just don’t have health is
    beauty products energy your
    to exercise and I biggest
    feel guilty asset!

    This has really made me think about if my time/money/energy does align with my values. I do tend to spend more money on healthier foods and use more natural products and go local if I can. I invest in my health a lot and doing fun things and developing myself. I would like to invest more time and energy into love and friendships as you mentioned, what you invest in grows! I do tend to get thoughts of I am not ‘doing enough’ of something but this diary has made me realise that I have done things that I align with my values.

  9. SESSION 6

    Exercise 1: Value, Time, Money, Energy, Pay Off

    Values, Family, Friends, integrity, personal growth, achievement
    I found myself for some reason having resistance to completing this exercise initially, but found that it revealed a lot about what is actually going on in terms of being true to my own value system.
    Family: The payoff in all areas was very positive in all areas
    Friends: The payoff was worth it. However the exercise showed me I’m not spending much time with my friends
    Integrity: There was an incident during that week where my integrity was challenge. I had the opportunity to purchase a product for little money and declined as it would have given me a negative pay off
    Personal Growth: I spent a lot of time that week working on my own growth and was pleased with the pay off in the main, just need to spend a little less time doing this as it’s at the cost of other areas in my life suffering
    Achievement: I invested a lot of time, money and energy in a programme to enhance my skills base –awaiting payoff

  10. Session 6 – Value, Time, Money, Energy, Payoff

    I found it difficult to choose which values to include on the chart so I decided to group some together where there appeared to be an overlap. I looked at each of these values over the week as a whole and summarised my findings below.

    My values are: Family, friends, personal growth/learning, achievement/satisfaction, integrity/empathy/gratefulness

    Family – The payoff is always worth it for this value. My sons are 18 and 21, both live at home and have wonderful girlfriends who visit regularly. As I see less of them now than when they were younger all interactions with my sons are valued. During the week I was asked by the younger son to look into a battery charger as his gaming controller was eating batteries; this was obviously a worry for him. I spent just over an hour researching charging units and suitable rechargeable batteries. I paid for these items and a little more than anticipated, however the potential payoff for the extra expenditure on more highly-rated products should lead to greater product reliability and happiness for my son, which in turn has a knock-on effect on my increased happiness. As I write, my elder son asked me to prepare sandwiches for him to take to work as he was running late. Rather than berate him for staying in bed for too long I happily prepared the sandwiches. It took 5 minutes of my time, cost little in the way of cash and I expended little energy on them. The payoff, however will be worth it as he will be happier at work this afternoon (plus the potential knock on effect in his interactions with others), also knowing he doesn’t have to spend time and money on food and he’ll enjoy his lunch. My husband and I take the dogs for a walk every evening, which gives us quality time together and well worth the payoff for time and energy spent.

    Friends – This week I drove 2 friends to Costco for our monthly shop/girl trip out. Each one of us values this trip very highly as we rarely have time to see each other due to shift work and other responsibilities. We share the petrol costs and the payoff, time and energy spending the afternoon together is always worth it. Last night I phoned a work colleague who had a particularly stressful week. The payoff for time spent on the call was well worth it for both of us as she felt so much calmer for sharing the burden and I felt that I had helped put her in a more positive frame of mind.

    Personal growth/learning – This value is one I hold dearly but over the last few years has been put on the back burner, due to the demands of work, raising children and keeping the home. I signed up for this course knowing that once signed up I would commit 100% and complete the course. This is my first step on the learning ladder for many years and I value every moment spent on thinking about the coursework and time spent on assignments. The nature of the course covers both my personal growth and learning values and the payoff is worth it.
    Achievement/satisfaction – I like to set myself small tasks to complete each day so at the end of each day I can always say that I accomplished a challenge for the day. Today’s task is to complete this assignment. Tomorrow’s task is to plan my one to one tutoring session for work on Tuesday. And Monday’s task will be to complete assignment 7… I assign myself an appropriate challenge according to available spare time. The payoff is always worth it for the sense of achievement. I am aware that I do spend a lot of time thinking about actions and need to convert more of this thinking time into action time. I have already started working on improving my decision-making skills and this exercise has greatly helped me rationalise this process in terms of payoff.

    Integrity/empathy/gratefulness – In a previous assignment I wrote that one of my pet hates is when kindness isn’t acknowledged. Following that assignment I have been even louder and clearer than usual in showing gratitude. The potential payoff from these actions should be great as the paths I have crossed recently should lead to greater happiness. I came across 3 people at work during this week who could really use an injection of this value. The little time and energy I’ve spent thinking about how much happier everyone would be at work if these 3 people adopted a more empathetic way of working, should payoff greatly over the next few weeks as I plan to break them down by putting a smile on their face every morning.

  11. Value, time, money, energy, pay off?
    Self growth- all day- more than I wanted to spend- a lot of energy- unsure as it has not been put into practice.
    Networking- all day- cost of tea and coffee- quite a lot of energy as it took abit of effort- unsure as im yet to feel the benefit.
    Friends- a few hours- no cost- little energy- payoff was nice as it was an instant uplifting feeling.
    Learning- 2 hours- little cost due to reading books- more effort needed as I feel like im out of practice- pay off instant as needed information for case.
    Family- evening- zero- little effort needed as it was very comforting- instant pay off with well being lifted.

  12. Value vs Time, Money, Enegry – was it worth it?

    Upon reflection of what fun I had this week I realised that I watch too much TV and don’t spend enough time seeing friends. I had lots of fun with a couple friends mid week when we met for lunch but that rarely happens. I have realised that I want to spend more time with friends and have already arranged to see a couple of friends over the next few weeks. That was time, money and energy well spent but the time spent watching TV sometimes for the sake of it was not.

    This week I spent time and energy on some coaching modules and completed 2. I also took some photographs for my website. In addition I went to 2 gym sessions and cleaned the family home. These all felt like achievements in different ways and were worth it, but I didn’t achieve as much as I would have liked in setting up my business.

    Love & Family
    I spent quite a bit of time and energy with my son this week and most weeks, taking care of him. Less time with my husband due to normal work commitments, but we all spent the weekend together, which was definitely worth it.

    I was happy with the fact that I got to the gym twice, which was worth the time money and energy. Having reflected on my food choices, some things were not worth the money e.g. coffees out. What was lacking was any investment of my time and energy (no money required) in meditation or mindfulness.

    Helping others
    My main areas of helping others were really my own family e.g. helping my 4-year-old son learn to read. I also bought a charity event ticket. As my son grows older, this is an area I would like to develop more as it important to me and also makes me feel good.

    Having kept a log of my activities it highlighted what positive changes I could make such as: spending some of the time I watch TV just talking to my husband without distraction, or playing cards; taking more action on developing my own business; making time to mentally recharge; spending more time with friends.

    A worthwhile exercise.

  13. Family Spent 2hrs with my son on Sunday,
    Chatted to my sister on the phone on Tuesday, met with my brother at choir practice on Tuesday Talked with two niece and a nephew on phone on Wednesday. My cousin rang and chatted over the phone on Saturday Bought some chicken and made a chicken curry for my son
    Hrs on the phone to my sister chatted to my brother at choir over 2.5hrs
    25/20 each with my niece
    30 mins with my cousin I used a lot of energy to buy the food and cook it for my son but it was absolutely worth the effort
    Initially my conversations started of quite energetically but as time went on I felt I used up more energy than I wanted to It was great to sit with my son and catch up on what’s been happening in his life. I guess the pay off with keeping up with the family is good as I’m up to date with everyone including those I haven’t spoken to. If there are any problems I am also updated and responded appropriately
    Work I start work at 8.30 and don’t stop until I finish at about 4.15 Monday to Friday At present I don’t get what I’m worth in my working environment, I give far more than I get back financially. I am exhausted on a Friday evening after working all week I actually do enjoy the work I do but I’m not getting a positive pay-off for the time, energy and money I get for the work I do thank God I have weekend.
    Finance I spend more money than I have coming in on a weekly basis and I spend a lot in short burst of time. I’m aspirational on changing situations in my life that will impact on finances I work hard on balancing the books so I don’t have to spend more energy than necessary on financial situation On the face of it I’m not doing too badly so pay- off is quite good.
    Health I spent 1hr at the gym on Sunday and 2.5 on Monday. I planned on going other times during the week but didn’t. I eat well most days of the week, however this week there has been a couple of birthdays so have eaten cake I have a gym membership so don’t spend any money going to the gym. I didn’t buy and unhealthy food. I shop at weekend and have a food budget so apart from the chicken that I bought on Monday I haven’t used extra money I’ve had a cold so didn’t go to the gym everyday as promised. Instead I used the time to rest my body I’ve had a great week where I’ve had 3 hrs work out and used some time to rest ad relax my body. Great pay off

    Hobby I like to go to the gym and managed to get there twice this week.
    I read and have managed to read two chapters of my latest book each day this week.
    I sing in a choir and so attended choir practice on Tuesday. I pay a minimal entrance fee at choir and that is the only cost I’ve paid for my hobbies this week. I enjoy my hobbies so don’t mind the energy used to achieve these enjoyment. Great worth all the effort

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