Pam brings a level of understanding far beyond the standard course literature. She managed to adapt the pace of the course to each individual’s level of understanding, taking great care to ensure we all got the most out of it’ 

Dan North, Lean Technology Specialist, London, UK.

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed both the 4 Day NLP Diploma course and the Life Coaching Level 1 and 2 courses with you.

    It was really important for me to find a trainer who not only could talk the talk but who had walked the walk. You bring a wealth of your own life experience and wisdom to the table as well as a level of understanding and compassion that I really appreciated. You are one of the most authentic an down-to-earth trainers I’ve met in the wellness / personal development field and I really value that.

    It was so convenient to be able to take the coaching course via teleclass, from the comforts of home. It made is so easy to attend and saved me time and money in the end. You’ve such a great facilitator in person and on the phone, that I felt like you were ”there” each week anyways!

    I’m so fortunate to have connected with you. I can’t imagine having taken training from a better teacher.

    Thank you.

  2. I have completed the 4 day NLP Diploma, Essential Coaching Skills Teleclass, NLP Practitioner Class, Advanced Coaching Teleclass and my Master Practitioner NLP Certification with Pam Rigden. Pam’s coaching skills and knowledge of NLP is second to none. Watching both her coaching and facilitation skills during all of my courses was, for me, amazing. Seeing her demonstrate her abilities in building rapport quickly, and helping us understand the concepts and techniques with ease. The experience that I have had within my own personal development and healing as a result of these courses has greatly changed my life for the better. Now in working with my own clients I use Pam’s techniques and insights and have seen significant change and development with them. I would recommend choosing Pam Rigden for your NLP and Coaching needs.

    Pam Collins

  3. I attended Pam’s 4-day workshop and the teleseminar coaching course I & II, that she held in Canada. I found the NLP teachings amazingly eye-opening. And the Life coaching skills have proved immeasurably useful. Pam assisted me in transitioning from the burn out of personal training to the exhilaration of coaching! Working with her gave me the tools to work with clients on a new more productive level. And personally, she supported me while I learned more about myself and overcame some emotional blocks that were preventing me from achieving my full potential. Now I am happily delivering programs, workshops and coaching for the Stressed! Thank you Pam!
    Sandra Maltby-Mills

  4. I took Coaching tele-classses with Pam Rigden and it proved to be a great experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the ease and convenience of being taught via tele-class. I was able to be at class on time, learn without distraction, be engrossed in the curriculum, and benefit with out having to jump in my car and waste more time, or take time away from my family. It was another way I could give back by being more green and continue my education. Thanks Pam for making learning easy, more cost effective and best of all fun!

  5. Learning is fun! Learning NLP is amazingly fun! What you thought you knew and how you speak…will change after you experience any course with Pam Rigden. I had the opportunity to take my NLP Practitioner Course and Master Practitioner Course with her and they changed my life. I am a better business woman, communicator, listener, coach, wife, friend, and mother because of what NLP has taught me and brought to my life. Pam Rigden is a fabulous teacher and facilitator of NLP, and I truly cherish what I learned from her & the courses.

  6. I attended the 2 day introduction to NLP through curiosity more than anything else. I knew very little about NLP and had not had any personal dealings with it prior to the weekend. I decided to go along open minded although a little sceptical and see what it was all about and I am really glad I did! Any expectations were way exceeded and I found it to be an interesting, fun and powerful weekend in a relaxed and friendly setting.

    I am grateful for the way Pam facilitated the training and found the material was delivered in a professional yet compassionate manner. The manual Pam provided was well laid out, full of information and I found it easy to understand and follow. All questions were welcomed and answered and group discussions were interesting and lively yet respectful. The practical exercises we did again were surprisingly effective and for me the weekend has really helped me to clarify and focus on my goals and what steps I need to take to ensure I get where I want to be in the future.

    I came away from the weekend feeling that time and money had been very well spent and I left in a much more positive frame of mind than I was at the beginning of the weekend and I am pleased to say that frame of mind has continued.

    It was a pleasure to spend the weekend with a lovely group of women and I found the whole experience to be an extremely positive one, in fact so positive I am coming back for more and I am looking forward to furthering my knowledge and experience of NLP with Pam.

  7. We all know its important when undertaking a course to A) get the right course and B) have the right trainer. Having embarked on the four day NLP diploma course with Pam Rigden, I can honestly say I made the right choices.

    I am dyslexic and Pam and I had a pre conversation about what might help me get the best out of her courses. She gave me a good start by giving me a reading list so I could start to understand some of the methods used in NLP. It also allowed me to know what I would be doing on her course before it started which reassured me immenesly.

    I am a qualified trainer already and I thought Pam was excellent in the way she presented and delivered the four day course. She was always on hand during breaks and after the classes to give feedback and support me and my class mates to grasp some of the more difficult techniques used for the diploma course. She provided us with a huge amount of extra information through our course material and gave us info on websites and other information that would help us develop.

    In my personal experience I felt that she tailored the course to my needs (although clearly it was the needs for the whole group) and the extra telephone support was a real bonus. Pam clearly knows her stuff and her experience came across in easy digestible chunks of information that anyone with or without previous NLP experience could understand.

    Flexibility was key to the training and she always ensured the whole group was supported and worked hard to ensure we all understood what we were being taught before we moved on. I am now going onto the Practitioner level as I feel that the experience I had with Pam makes me want to learn more about NLP and work with her again.

  8. I attended the 8 Day NLP Practitioner Course and it was an amazing experience. I first joined the 4 Day course hoping to find out more about NLP and to see how can I use it in my day to day life. I was completely blown away by what I discovered and I knew I had to learn more.

    The course was very well structured and the information was clear, easy to follow. The questions were answered and encouraged and it was very interesting to see how different people understand different things from what it was said. The fact that Pam made it very clear that it’s important to respect other people’s model of the world made it a friendly environment where it was easy to be open and share your thoughts and experiences and that was very helpful when going through the NLP techniques.

    Pam is an amazing teacher and puts a lot of thought and care into the course and that’s what made it so great for me. Seeing someone so experienced demonstrate the principles and techniques of NLP is very inspiring and a unique learning experience.

    I use the things I’ve learned in my day to day life and it has made a difference. I communicate better with the people around me, I take responsibility for my actions and my state of mind and I feel more confident.

    Thank you Pam!

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