What can we learn about KPIs from Ed Sheeran?


During the past few weeks I have been researching current and future trends in content marketing. I have read a virtual ‘stack’ of articles and, between you and me, I will need to read most of them again so that I get the detail and can implement the strategies. What I can report however is that two themes have already emerged: 1) apparently the trend to add value wherever possible, while limiting self promotion, will continue and 2) ‘experience metrics’ will become just as, if not more, important than traditional key performance indicators (KPIs).

A KPI, of course, is a performance measurement that we use to demonstrate how successful we are; it tell us how close we are, or not, to reaching our business objectives. We can use KPIs to gauge our overall success and/or to evaluate particular business activities that we engage in such as our content marketing efforts, or the impact of our practice for our clients.

Experience – or happiness –  metrics, I wasn’t exactly surprised to learn, focus on how the ‘customer’ feels. They take into account whether or not for example:

  • the customer was pleased
  • the experience was customised for the individual
  • the customer’s expectations were met

I have to say I am not entirely clear how the information we gather by applying the new ‘experience metric’ differs, if at all, from the data we gather from a Customer Satisfaction Survey. And it was while I was thinking about this, and about how I can use the happiness KPI to measure the value of my work for my clients, that the following, in my opinion, utterly charming video appeared in my Facebook feed.

And so, if you haven’t seen it already, and even if you have, I would like to request that you please humour me and take two minutes, 1 minute 55 seconds to be exact, out of your working day, to watch the following short video. (Unless of course you really don’t like Ed Sheeran in which case I suggest you move on to the next post.)

Most of you will agree, I am sure, that Ed adds value in spades. Clearly this young woman’s experience is enhanced exponentially when Ed shows up sending her ‘experience metric’ off the happy scale. The outcome is a priceless and unforgettable experience for one delighted fan and for most, if not all, of the audience.

And while we may not, and probably don’t have the singer/songwriter skills that Mr. Sheeran does, or the fan base to match, we can all, each and everyone of us, add value to the peoples’ lives that we touch, be that our customers’, clients’, colleagues’ or our loved ones’.

As professionals, whatever we provide or offer – whether a product or a service – we can aim to create priceless and unforgettable experiences for our customers and clients, and we can use the new happiness KPI to determine how close we come to actually delivering. Can you imagine how your business will be transformed even if you get only part of the way there?

As a Coach I can definitely add value by bringing my clients’ attention to the ‘Ed moment’. I will be asking my clients how they can create priceless and unforgettable experiences for the people that matter to them. I will be asking them how they can create priceless and unforgettable moments for themselves, because it’s all too easy to forget when faced with a to-do list that seems to go on forever, that life doesn’t. Life is short and life is precious.

My invitation to you is that you please make time in your day to think – out loud if it helps – about how you will answer these questions:

  • How and where can you show up and add value?
  • How can you show up and create an ‘Ed moment’ for the people that matter to you?
  • How can you create an ‘Ed moment’ for your self?
  • What are your next steps?
  • When will you take action?

I welcome both your thoughts and your feedback.

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